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SIMPOE-MOLD is a CAE software of plastic injection molding process, and SimpoeMV is the interface of SIMPOE-MOLD.

"SIMPOE" means Simulation In Molding Processes Of Engineering.

SIMPOE-MOLD involves completed model styles analysis software, which could apply to various styles of geometry model. SIMPOE-MOLD software could help the mold designers and process engineers to pre-understand the mechanical state of insight during molding process, such as the following mechanical description of resin material: flow pattern, pressure distribution, melt temperature distribution, shear stress distribution, shear rate distribution, shrinkage distribution, warpage distribution, fiber orientation distribution, shin material distribution, gas penetration distribution and conversion distribution etc.

Additionally, the information such as the mold temperature profile, process cycle time could be also acquired. These data information from simulation via SIMPOE-MOLD software could advice the designer to decide the proper process conditions and mold design parameters, such as gate position, vent position, runner design configuration and cavity position etc. Furthermore, the injection pressure, mold temperature, clamp force, packing time and packing pressure of process required could also be provided by means of SIMPOE-MOLD. Therefore, SIMPOE-MOLD is a powerful tool to solve the problems of injection molding process.

Simpoe-Mold Styles - depend on geometry model

  • B-Style: STL 3D solid based model analysis. SIMPOE/B-Style employs the surface mesh data (thickness free) of 3D solid model, which could directly uses the 3D solid based STL (Stereolithography) file- the most of CAD/CAM packages provided, need not to build geometric model for analysis. The procedure of analysis is easy from users. B-Style could also be applied to 3D thin parts model.

  • C-Style: Shell 3D/2.5D model (Surface with thickness) analysis. SIMPOE/C-Style is valid for 3D thin parts model. The analysis procedure uses the 3D surface model with specified thickness. The mid-plane finite element format geometric model could be translated from other CAE software finite element format or build from SIMPOE-CAD.

  • E-Style: Full/True 3D model analysis. SIMPOE/E-Style is full/true 3D model analysis software. For a thick part which can't be approximate via thin part surface model or there is serious thickness variation from model, a true full 3D analysis is required. Additionally, E-Style requires the 3D finite volume/element model.

Simpoe-Mold Modules - each Simpoe style contains the flowing analysis modules

  • FLOW-PACK Analysis: The module contains thermoplastic material mold filling and packing analysis, which could involve the traditional injection, co-injection (C/E-Style), gas-assisted injection (C/E-Style), the fiber orientation and residual stress simulations. Furthermore, the thermoset material injection is also included. The various state information of process could be predicted via FLOW-PACK, such as the flow pattern, pressure, melt temperature, shear stress, shear rate and shrinkage distribution at filling/post-filling end. Additionally, the phenomena of short shoot, the welding line position and air trap (vent) position; residual stress and fiber orientation can also be expected. From FLOW-PACK analysis, the user could find the optimal process conditions, such as the filling time, injection pressure profile, the pressure holding time, the proper melt temperature and mold temperature. Furthermore, the appropriate mold design parameters could also be acquired, such as gate position, runner design and the cavity thickness information etc.

  • COOL Analysis: The module contains the thermoplastic material mold cooling analysis, which can predict the required cooling time of process, the distribution of part temperature at ejection, the temperature difference, the averaged mold temperature and the averaged heat flux etc. SIMPOE-COOL provides an additional software SIMPOE-PIPE for cooling channel network analysis. SIMPOE-PIPE could predict the flow rate and pressure drop distribution of network; the network may be consisted of the channel, baffle and bubbler. Additionally, SIMPOE-COOL could couple with filling analysis software SIMPOE-FLOW-PACK. From SIMPOE-COOL analysis, the user could find the optimal process conditions, such as cooling time, mold temperature profile and ejection part temperature distribution etc. Furthermore, the appropriate mold design parameters could also be acquired, such as the cooling channel position, cooling channel diameter and cavity thickness information etc.

  • WARP Analysis: The module adapts the linear elastic deformation theory to analyze the shrinkage and warpage of plastic part that is due to the residual stress of part during molding process. The resulting residual stress data of SIMPOE-FLOW-PACK or part temperature at end of cooling need to be existence for warpage analysis in SIMPOE-WARP.
    SIMPOE-WARP is based on finite element/volume method of structural analysis with the shell/solid model. The plastic part could be assumed to be a linear elastic, isotropic or transversely isotropic material since the plastic part could be taken as elastic body and the displacements of structure are to be small. SIMPOE-WARP presents the part deformation in x, y, z direction of space, which is due to the residual stress of part.

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