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The digitizing option - XYSTUM

digitrek The scanning option is based on the latest version of the digitrek numerical control, a well known system largely diffused on the cmm market for scanning and digitizing.

A software option that during it's 12 years lifecycle has reached customers in more than 30 countries.

The post processor digiline allow to manipulate the digitized data and to create an probe radius compensated STL pseudo-surface in order to export it to any CAD-CAM station. It may also generate sections to be exported via IGES/VDA/DXF/ASCII.

The probe can be equipped with different styli and even with a star styli to digitize models with undersquare.

Starting from Jannuary 2004 is also available on any XSM machine the laser scanning option; which integrates a Wolf&Beck laser head (OTM3). This option is ideal for medals, coins, toys, leather, small high detailed parts, tail, or any other soft model (clay). Bundled with this option there is the digilinePRO software for reverse-engineering that has specific new alghoritms to produce very high detailed STL files from laser cloud of points.

More the digitizing option - [here]