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XSM machining center for high speed light milling and digitizing - XYSTUM

XSM This product has been developed to meet the requirements of the high speed light milling and digitizing of small and medium sized models and complex surfaces.

Innovative solutions and the use of modern mechanical tecnologies coupled with the advanced sophisticaded algorithms supplied by the digitrek numerical control confirm this machine as an ideal instrument for any style center, model maker, technical studios and project centers in many different sectors offering one integrated solution to efficently solve all the reverse-engineering and fast prototyping and styling of models.

High axes acceleration to speed up the process, ball-screw high precision linear guides with digital motor drives to optimize the dynamic behaviour and to increase accuracy and performance, high resolution encoders directly mounted on the motors to read out the machine position.
The overall compact dimension and the light weight allow to install the machine virtually everywhere, even on a standard desk.
It's available in four different sized models, all with a common structure based on a xy mobile table and an indipendent z axis.
The models are:

  • XSM222 with strokes range of 219x219x219mm
  • XSM422 with strokes range of 411x219x219mm
  • XSM522 with strokes range of 511x219x219mm

XSM432 with strokes range of 435x335x219mm (this is a special version which has stronger linear guides to allow heavier parts to be loaded on the table).

To match defferen customer needs the machine can be obtained into 3 different configuration:

  1. milling
  2. digitizing (contact and/or laser)
  3. milling and digitizing The milling option

The machine can be fed by a standard ISO/ASCII-G code toolpath which may be provided by any CAD/CAM software or directly coming from a previously digitized part.

The spindle has a power ranging from 140W to 200W and a speed of up to 50.000rpm and it's designed for light milling of several materials (like clay, polystirene, ureol, plastics, acetate etc...)

The high speed milling allow to speed up the process and couple it with a very high quality surface finishing.

With this option the machine is supplied with a lexan coverage to avoid dust and to increase safety.

With this option the digimill CAM package is bundled with the machine to compute milling toolpath on an STL file; which can be produced by digiline or supplied by any CAD software.

More the digitizing option - [here]