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Cosmos FloWorks COSMOS/FloWorks is the first easy to use fluid flow simulation and thermal analysis program that is fully embedded inside SolidWorks. Understand, validate and improve new product ideas during the design phase not after!!
Developed for engineers by engineers,COSMOS/FloWorks gives you insight into the physical dynamics of parts or assemblies related to the flow of gas,liquid, heat transfer and forces on immersed or surrounding solids.Using COSMOS/FloWorks,you can optimize the quality of your SolidWorks designs, save resources by conducting tests on virtual prototypes,shorten time to market by creating better designs faster,and reduce outsourcing.

COSMOS/FloWorks enables you to understand,validate and improve your designs immediately within SolidWorks so you could design not just better,but smarter.

  • Designers of electronic devices (computers,audio/video,etc.etc.)can check for efficient cooling by simulating convection and conduction within their designs;
  • Land-,air-and marine-vehicle designers can achieve maximum performance at least cost:Manifolds,brake systems,engine cooling jacket,flow around a wing or through a rocket nozzle,flow around an immersed body etc.;
  • Hydraulic/pneumatic systems manufacturers can improve their designs regarding flow distribution and pressure drop ;
  • HVAC equipment manufactures can optimize product performance: flow through ducts,heat exchangers,flow and temperature distributors in rooms to determine duct locations,etc.;
  • Chemical process and oil industry can better understand flow through valves or mixing vessels,etc.
Cosmos FloWorks Easy to Use
Unlike other fluid flow programs,COSMOS/FloWorks is the only fluid flow simulation product fully embedded inside of SolidWorks.COSMOS/FloWorks allows users to immediately create designs and analyze them without having to transfer the data to the analysis code.COSMOS/FloWorks is incredibly easy to use;you simply tell the software what you're interested in instead of having to translate analysis goals into numerical convergence criteria,iteration numbers and relaxation factors.

Recommended for all design engineers interested in validating their designs, COSMOS/FloWorks is a powerful CFD program providing fundamental fluid flow analysis capabilities through new functionality such as porous media,mixing of multiple fluids,conjugated heat transfer,fan curves in addition to advanced post-processing capabilities such as Lagrangian particle tracking and animation.

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