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Cosmos MotionCOSMOS/Motion is the complete SolidWorks® embedded functional virtual prototyping package that contains all the functionality required to make sure your designs will work before you build them.
Fully embedded inside the CAD interface, COSMOS/Motion provides 3D dynamic simulation capabilities, allowing users to see and study the realistic functional behavior of their CAD mechanical assemblies in motion. COSMOS/Motion can be used to detect moving interferences between CAD assembly components, show effects of forces and collisions between parts, and automatically output load data to COSMOS/Works and COSMOS/DesignSTAR.
Powered by ADAMS technology, the industry leader for over 20 years, COSMOS/Motion allows you to size motors/actuators, determine power consumption, layout linkages, develop cams, understand gear drives,size springs/dampers, determine how contacting parts behave, generate operating loads suitable for use in other COSMOS/analysis programs, and much more.

Moving Interference Detection
The motion of many mechanisms results from contacting parts, such as cams or gears. COSMOS/Motion supports both 3D solid-to-solid and 2D curve-based contacts. Plus, with COSMOS/Motion, you can eliminate interferences before you build the physical prototype. You can check for interferences between parts as the mechanism moves through the real operating range.

Engineering Data
Cosmos MotionFor more detailed motion analysis,you can visualize animations synchronized with XY plots of engineering data.You can use these plots and mechanism simulation together to identify possible system failure,part breakage,and safety issues.Animations are ideally suited to visualize the physical motion of your mechanism and can be saved as an AVI or VRML file.

Loads for Analysis
If you use other COSMOS/analysis applications to analyze parts or assemblies that move,COSMOS/Motion can provide information that can substantially increase the accuracy of your analyses. As parts or assemblies move,it becomes very difficult to know what loads to add to your analysis model, and in what position the worst case loading conditions occur.
COSMOS/Motion calculates accurate loading conditions, including inertia effects, and can help you determine where the maximum stresses will occur. COSMOS/Motion supports direct interface to COSMOS/Works. COSMOS/Motion simulates the function of CAD models and outputs the same performance information typically gathered through physical prototypes.

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